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From books, social media influencers, journals, retreats and more we are providing our audience of over 155,000 with self-love resources in our SELFISHBABE app via our #SelfishBabeVerified List.

If you believe that what you have to offer is self-love related in some way to women then you want to be #SelfishBabeVerified and get on our list.

Some Examples Of What Were Looking For

  • Books, Motivational Speakers, Retreats, Journals, Social Media Influencers , Products, Podcasts, Clothing and more.

Why Is This Needed?

 Hey boo!! There are millions of women everyday asking this question to themselves:

How do I love myself? What are the resources? Where can I turn too?

Well that’s where we come in: SelfishBabe

The place women can turn to to learn how to selfishly and authentically love themselves as well as a place to turn to for self-love resources.

How Does It Work?

1.We will have our #SelfishBabeVerified list inside the SelfishBabe App under Self-Love Resources.

2. Depending on the category you fall under we will place your name, instagram page and or website with photo with a short description of what you offer.

3.As our SelfishBabes are scrolling through the app, they get to see your offering on the list, and therefore find out about you.

4. We will also be pushing our audience towards this list via our in app notifications.

This is another way for you to gain exposure.

You pay monthly or tri-monthly to get on and stay on the list.

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