SelfishBabe Guest Teaching Guidelines + Submission Portal

Hey beautiful, thank you soo much for taking the time to review this page on guest teaching for us.

Currently December 7th , 2018 we have about 103,000 active women users on our app.

The Process

1. Please submit at least 3 course titles you have come up with on what you would like to teach. These titles can vary on topics as long as they are related to self-love, self-care, spirituality, manifesting, and or metaphysics that can be reviewed for selection to

2. Once 1 course title is approved please provide a summary of what you will be teaching in this course to the above email.

3. Once this has been approved, begin recording your video to the guidelines below (please record your video horizontally if using a cellphone.)

4. Submit your video for review.

5.Once approved video will be given a date that it will premiere on the app. We will also get your promo information and mini bio.

Video Guidelines. Ask Yourself How Would I Say This To My Homegirl?

  • To teach on our #SelfishBabe App Platform we would like a mini video course on a topic related to self-love that you are knowledgable in.

  • The video must be very clear and high quality and recorded horizontally if using a cell phone.

  • Come up with a catchy title for the course, if you need help on a title for your course, email me.

  • This video is a minimum of 10 minutes to a max of 35 minutes long.

  • If you have pdf worksheets that go along with your course please email them to

  • I find the best way to get the most out of teaching on our platform is to give the audience a freebie to join your email list or get into a funnel. If you have something else you would like to offer the audience we can place that underneath your mini video course.

  • Cursing is fine in your videos.

  • Please show your face in the video not a computer screen. Slides are not okay, we want a home gurl feel connectivity in your video. The audience must feel like you are really there for them.

  • Give actionable steps in your video. Think " What can the selfish babe audience take away from this that they can do in their own lives today?"

  • Remember to break things down.Pretend as if you were a newbie to what you know now, break it down.

Promotion For Non Payment Option Only If Paid No Promotion

For teaching on our app platform we will be promoting your course for 4 days. On our app we will place a footer that is easily clickable. We have about 2 notifications that go out daily to our users, once they view these notifications they will see this footer and click.

We will also provide a personal notification about your free course.

This link below is a sample of how your 4 day promo with us will be setup once a user has clicked on your free course.

This link will include your photo, a quick bio, and your freebie offering.

All videos will be edited to include your social media and website info.


Mini Course Submission

Please keep in mind that once a video is submitted it becomes the property of #SelfishBabe.You can still use the video on your platform at any time but you agree that we  have the right to keep your video on our platform and that we can allow our users to provide an in-app purchase to view the  content.

Please submit your course to via a shared Google Drive folder or through WeTransfer.