SelfishBabe Blogging Guidelines

Thank you soo much for wanting to write for the growing #SelfishBabe Community.

The Process

1. Provide at least 2 blog article titles and some info on each for approval to by the 10th of each month.

2. Once those are approved, begin writing your blog article. Please include links to any gifs or photos you think mesh well with the article.

3.Send draft articles to via a word or pages document. Add Gif links where you can via think link :

If you are a paid blogger please upload your blog to your folder and then notify Olanikee by email that your blogs have been uploaded.

4. Wait for approval, once they are approved there will be a drop date given on when the article will post.

5. You will be asked for a mini bio and where you would like our audience to go to to find out more about you so that we can place this below your article.

6. Paid Writer: Blog are due the 20th of each month in your folder. Topics are due by the 10th of each month.

Writing Guidelines

Below is a list of writing guidelines that will help guide your writing.

  • #SelfishBabe is a woman's self-love community. It is about women learning to selfishly + authentically love themselves.

  • Ask yourself "what can I provide with my writing that a selfish babe needs to hear?" "What advice would I give my friend or myself right now?" " How can this be relatable to my age group?"

  • We love gifs and curse words. You don't have to curse in your articles if you don't want to but what I am saying is if you feel like the curse word fits the article add it in. If you find a gif or photo online that goes with your article copy and paste the link into your word/pages document so we can view it.

  • Keep this in mind: The message does not have to be long for it to be received. People are on the go and have short attention spans. The maximum for an article is 500 words, nothing over this.

  • I want you to write as if you are speaking to a friend using "you" in your writing.

  • Articles that have steps are very nice: For example, 3 ways to... 5 things you should, the number 1 thing...

  • If you have a personal essay about yourself you would like to submit, please summarize at the end how it's relatable to the reader.

  • You are always free to suggest article topics, please email the to suggest a topic as well as submit an article.

  • Submit your article drafts via a word or pages document with added gif/photo links.

Topic Suggestions

Topic suggestions: Self-esteem, confidence, moving through a breakup, motherhood, feeling beautiful through motherhood,healing through grief,  faith, peace, forgiveness, how to make friends while being antisocial, protecting your energy/space, being your authentic self, metaphysical topics, crystals, sage, spirituality, relationship matters, nourishing foods for your health in relation to self love, dealing with mental illness, anxiety, depression, suicide, rape, molestation,abortion, herbal healing, etc. The list goes on but you see how self-love is soo broad and touches on all aspects of our lives.

Here are past blog articles that have been written:

Where To Find Gifs?

Please use this website to get your gifs:

 You can use their search bar to find one that resonates with what you are speaking about. If you feel like your article doesn't need gifs or you couldn't find any good one, please let me know. You would copy and paste the links to add to your draft article.