#SelfishBabe Group Rules


Hey beautiful,

I am soo glad that you decided to join our #SelfishBabe Facebook Group. Below are some rules to make sure the group is operating in the most helpful highest standard. It should be adding to your life not taking away.


1. Read the pinned post at the top of the group once you have been approved. This will provide you with information on who OlanikeeOsi is and why she created the group and brand #SelfishBabe.

2. I can not stress this enough but please ONLY SHARE positive uplifting posts or posts that are asking a question in the group regarding self-love. There is NO complaining allowed, dropping a sad story  and then leaving or negative Nancies. There is already enough negativity in the world. The only way to help change your focus , especially when it comes to self-love it to focus on something that will better you. If you are going through something and would like advice we have #GimmeAdviceTuesdays made for this.

3. Do not ask people to pray for you or to donate to you during a financially rough time. Being a #SelfishBabe means being accountable for yourself. Pray/ speak words of upliftment to yourself, do not rely on others to do this for you.

4. Do not advertise anything in this group, your business, your blog, your groupme, none of it is allowed.

5. Do not ask people where they are located for group meet ups. If you would like to meet up with someone you message that person personally, do not post location and ask for a meet up. Official #SelfishBabe meet ups and events will be advertised on the app and emailed.

6. Do not ask to make a group chat in the group as it is not an official legal  #SelfishBabe group chat. If you do this you will be removed from the group.

7. Do not live video stream in this group that is reserved for the #SelfishBabe team only.

8. Share valuable information that has helped you along your self-love journey.What is currently helping you now? Podcasts, books, music, etc, share value to help the other women in the group.

9. Do not promote another group in this group.

10. Stay on topic: Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Worth, Spirituality. Manifestation, Inspiration, Motivation, Mindset, Positivity becoming a better version of yourself, share these things.

11. This group is for all women regardless of race or religion, so when posting please keep that in mind and address ALL  women not just a group of women based on race. Anything posted focusing on one race will be removed.

12. If you are just getting started on your self-love journey and are looking for resources to start please read the pinned post as it will have resources on how you can get started on your own self-love journey.

13. Answer the one question asked after making a request to join. If you do not answer your request WILL BE DECLINED.

14. We do have themed posting days:
Sunday: #SelfishAffirmationSunday- Post an affirmation to get your week started.
Monday:#MotivationMonday- Post anything motivational to get the week started.
Tuesday: #GimmeAdviceTuesday- Ask other #SelfishBabes for advice on this day.
Wednesday: #DoTheWorkWednesday- Post about the actual work/action you are taking in your life towards your self love.
Thursday: #TestimonialThursday- Share your story on overcoming any triumphs in the past or during the week.

Everyday feel free to share something positive and self love related.

If you agree to the #SelfishBabe Group Rules, then please do click the link below to request to join in.


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