How To Create Your Sasha Fierce & Be Confident Like Beyonce

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Who Is @ShareceRenee?

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Sharece Renee is a Self Love & Business Coach! I know you’re thinking NOT ANOTHER “COACH”. Well, you’re right! She isn't like any other coach, She's MORE than that. She's a survivor that shows other women how to conquer their fears, live on purpose and make money doing what they love.

Sharece has been through it all! From a toxic relationship, attempted suicide, being broke and broken! She now wears the survivor badge proudly. What helped her get out that toxic and dark place was Self Love! When Sharece started to love herself, she knew what her purpose was and wasn’t going to compromise anymore. She was able to let go of her shyness, self-doubt, and self-hate.

After realizing this she went to work! Sharece saw that she was worth the fight. Sharece discovered her inner power, her light, and her value in this world and created a movement to help women who are living in the struggle to create a life they’re obsessed with and have financial freedom.   

Sharece put her network marketing skills to work and figured out how to make money online and still have the freedom to live and enjoy life! 

Sharece grew her audience to over 20,000 beautiful people in less than a year and have helped so many women fall in love with themselves, dominate their niche and make money doing what they love.

Instagram: ShareceRenee