The Peace Treaty: 4 Practices To Nurture Joy

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As with anything, everything in life is a practice. The practice of becoming, the practice of being, the practice of overcoming. No matter what stage you’re growing through, inner peace is the ultimate goal we all want for our lives.

For me, personal well-being is the ability to find peace with where I am, while feeling empowered to shape my life into what I desire it to be, look, and feel like.

I’ve gotten better at this, but I won’t lie; social media creates so much noise to compete with those who are doing what you perceive as “better” than you.

Then we begin to journey in a hurry & rush our flourishing process, feeling even more frustrated and overwhelmed than before. 

I still struggle with feeling like I’m not doing enough or feeling like I’m not grindin’ hard enough for what I want, or my personal favorite (sarcasm): feeling like I’m behind after scrolling on social media viewing what everyone else is accomplishing.

Not only do I allow this type of thinking to make me feel like shit, but it causes me to skip over all of my recent progress because I’m thinking of how unsatisfied I am: “I’m still working this job, doing uber on the weekends to make ends meet, working behind the scenes with my head down without anything to show for my talents and gifts.”

It’s difficult not to be like “Well what the fuck am I doing because clearly this aint it.” 

As if timing couldn’t be anymore perfect, I recently listened to a podcast that stated, “comparison complexes everything.” I had to stop and really sit with this statement.

When you compare, you either:

  1. shrink yourself and your capabilities,

  2. you pick at others’ flaws to make yours seem not as bad,

  3. you give away your power at the mercy of others,

  4. you disrupt your peace by allowing yourself to keep up with their timeline, or

  5. damn near all of these. 

It’s not cute, nor is it evolutionary. Read that again.

I was mad guilty of this comparative cycle, that I didn’t know how to get back to my own joy. 

I began meditating and asking myself this question: “How can I find more joy and have more peace?”

Here’s what came to me: my 4 practices to nurturing joy: 

  1. Walk in purpose, not comparison.

    Look ahead. Not to the left or to the right at someone in a completely different lane as you, even if you both have similar things you’re working on, though you both may be going in the same direction.

  2. Work with faith.

    Do not burn yourself out over the fear of failure, not being good enough, or for not being where you want to be. Most times, you only need faith for what’s troubling you. Remember: what’s for you, will be for you, in YOUR own timing. 

  3. Reset + Restore.

    In order to be your best, you need to reset, recharge, and reboot. You acquire the most joy in your ability to sit still and center yourself without the noise of being connected to the outside world 24/7. 

  4. Adopt emotional excitement 

    Anything that is troubling you along the way, take it as an opportunity the world saw you ready for. Be excited about the growth that’s about to take place, instead of fearful, anxious, and worrisome. Life isn’t about avoiding the pain, but stepping into the hard things to see better changes. 

As previously stated, everything in life is a practice. I am no expert, but I do make a conscious effort to do these practices and I am way more content with myself and my progress than without. 

Your blessings won’t pass you by. Don’t let anything rush you. Take your time, but stay committed to doing the work you must do.

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This article was written by #SelfishBabe Thierra.


Thierra Walker is a writer and artist based in Philadelphia, who centers her work around love, spirituality, and mental well-being for the transformative self. She is passionate about everyone finding their own form of happiness and achieving peace within self. Her ultimate goal through her writing is to “be the person she needed, and what she needed to hear”.


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