The Boss Babe Blueprint

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There is no set standard towards becoming a boss ass chick, grown ass woman, or a confident woman who has her shit together. The process of becoming looks different for everyone because we all have different baggage to sort through in order for us to get through. 

My process had and still has a lot to do with discerning what is for me and the things that don’t serve my growth towards emotional independence. I became tolerant to situations that provided no benefit to my well-being because I was unaware of what I wanted my life to look like. I wasn’t intentional about my choices, who I let access my energy, and how much of my energy I allowed myself to give to other people. 

Self reminder: you can only make boss moves once you know the direction you wish to walk-in outside of other people and their opinions. 

So how does one begin to figure out what you want out of life when there’s so much noise? 

For me, it took a good year and a half to really narrow down what I wanted for my life. I was at a point where I was searching for a deeper spiritual level of fulfillment rather than something with egotistical meaning. I dedicated time to truly examine the things that were driving motivations; all of which pointed to some type of search or need for self validation. For example, I wanted x, to be seen as y- It was never: I wanted x, because y brings me peace or because y makes me feel full.  That was the major shift I needed to make in my thinking and be okay with following my own spirit, instead of following the noise. 

Self realization: I can’t know where I’m going unless I know who I am. I can’t know who I am if I am living for outside praise. 

This realization naturally called me to question: 

In what ways do I need to align in order to discover a deeper connection with myself ?

Below are 3 keys to connect & boss up:

  1. Root down- create a routine (A.M, P.M, or midday) that focuses and quiets the mind. Re-establishing solid footing and reconnecting  to your own being is major when life around you is always moving with the pressure to keep pace with it.
    Slow down to your own timeclock so you can be present.

  2. Shift small- Manage how you focus your mindset. Do not become overwhelmed by the thoughts of “I can’t do this, It’s too much, I’m not moving fast enough, There isn’t enough xyz”. When we think of “bossing up” we think we have to change everything over night. Wrong! That is the quickest way to burn out. Rack up on your small wins.  Focus on small shifts rather than big changes. The victories are in your micro-progressions. 

  3. Expand forward- Emotions are based on perceived illusions. How they hold weight is all in the power of your perception. Practice expanding forward, meaning shifting into higher thoughts that are solution based, rather than expanding horizontal which brainstorms similar thoughts about the same issue. This is not the time to stay stuck, boss up sis and find better in all aspects.  

Allow your higher self to do the talking, don’t allow the smallness to do the reacting. 

We all have that inner Boss Babe attitude, we just need to stop letting outside forces bury that shit. 

Which of these three steps can you begin using TODAY in order to level up? Comment below.

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Thierra.


Thierra Walker is a writer and artist based in Philadelphia, who centers her work around love, spirituality, and mental well-being for the transformative self. She is passionate about everyone finding their own form of happiness and achieving peace within self. Her ultimate goal through her writing is to “be the person she needed, and what she needed to hear”.


IG: @ThierraW

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