Issa Real HOT Girl Summer

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Raise your hand if you had a summer goal to accomplish but didn’t? Don’t be shy! I sure did.

This winter I told myself I was going to lose 15 pounds and be ready to shut it DOWN by the time summer hits. Issa Hot Girl summer, okkurr?! I needed to be ready to drive the boat as soon as RSVP’s opened up for summer’s first rooftop party. But life happened (aka I got lazy and re-watching all seasons of Gossip Girl was way more appealing than exercising and what not ); and so before I blinked, June hit and I didn’t feel or look my sexiest and my confidence was at a low-low.

I dedicate this to the Megan the Stallion because sis is me (with the exception that I’m not rich or famous, but I digress). I spent a solid 17 minutes feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t lose that extra 15 pounds I gained or that I was nowhere near ready for swimsuit season. Quite frankly, I realized I don’t give a damn. I’ve poured way too much time, energy, and emotions into being comfortable with who I am at every stage. As a woman, my body is meant to go through a series of changes, whether these changes are warranted or not, it still happens. They don’t make me any less of a woman, any less sexy, or any less able to take your man and his checks too. I am what I feel and I’m choosing to feel sexy.

Sexiness isn't something you just turn on and off. You have to cultivate it, get in touch with it both mind and body. Society has conditioned us to constantly point out our physical flaws and obsess over reasons we aren’t beautiful or sexy enough. First and foremost: that is absolutely false. You are beautifully and wonderfully made but as the saying goes, you have to feel it to believe it; and feeling sexy is what we’re all about over here! The good news? It takes two things: confidence and an IDGAF attitude.

Outside of the insanity mother nature puts us through on a monthly basis, womanhood is type lit. We are the core of every fantasy, the beautiful sex, the graceful gender, compassionate and irresistible spirits, powerful and intuitive, and incredibly attractive. We are sexy. When we begin to tap into who we are as women, “being sexy” takes a new meaning. It moves further away from how we physically appear and closer to how we think, how we speak, and how we chose to carry ourselves. How you feel about yourself and your interests, that’s what makes you irresistible. You are an ocean of depth and substance. Your physical appearance is enough to be attractive, of course, but a conscious and fully recognized woman has understood certain truths about herself, is confident in her choices, and gracious in her character. Once you grasp that, your entire aura changes up and there’s not a person, place, or thing that can come for you.

Being a woman is a journey and if you’re anything like me, sometimes knowing who you are isn’t enough to jump start your sexy. Sometimes I forget that I’m that bitch. My suggestion: fall in love with your life! Everyone has something they’re passionate about. It sounds silly but imagine waking up everyday with a sense of passionate purpose continually exciting you about who you are and who you’re meant to be in this life! Can’t nobody tell you nothing ma! However, if that’s not enough, let me lay some words of wisdom on you from The Stallion herself:

“Simon says put your hands on your hips, huh 
Simon says put your hands on your hips, huh
Simon says put your hands on your knees, ayy
Simon says yous a fly ass bitch, ayy” (remixed par moi)

In what ways are you allowing yourself to have a “hot girl summer”? Sound off in the comments below.

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Ify.


Ify is a born and raised NYC native with big dreams and an even bigger taste for creative writing, self-development, and pure happiness. Clinical oncology researcher and (future) MD by day and an avid traveler, wine connoisseur, and blogger by night. She just one girl hoping to inspire conversations on all things controversial, raw, honest, and meaningful.

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