Invest In Your Mothafucking Self: How To Make Sure You're Securing The RIGHT Bag

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New year. New financial goals. New You?

We constantly hear that “2019 is the year of securing the bag and saving money,” but what are you securing exactly? What are you securing for yourself that isn’t tangible and materialistic? Yes money can help provide more resources and luxuries, but is that everything when it comes to living your best life this year? If it was all stripped away: how secure would you feel in your emotional, mental, and physical bags?

Ms. Badu said it best: “Bag lady, you gone hurt yo’ back. Carry’n all them bags like that.”

What’s inside your personal bag that helps you thrive?- nurture that.
What needs strengthening?- focus there.

The biggest investment you can make this year is in yourself. It’s the highest form of self-love.

Personally speaking, for me, things I badly wanted, didn’t begin to manifest until I decided to make room for them. I started to invest in myself.

Just because I have the strength to carry the bag- doesn’t mean the bag is secure enough to handle the blessing.

I wasn’t carrying the right stuff.

I wasn’t unpacking what was no longer needed. I’d gotten so used to the “fuck shit” that I learned ways to manage it. I needed to put more of “me” in the bag.

Certain accomplishments couldn’t be achieved until I examined my behaviors. In other words, I stopped sleeping on myself and you should stop on yourself.

For a long time, I allowed myself to just flow without the constant push towards elevation, I lacked purpose. I depleted my energy because I was unaware of the things I was mindlessly opening myself up to.

And let me tell you,

it’s easy to spread yourself thin becoming consumed by things that doesn’t necessarily help you to evolve when you haven’t taken the time to truly discover what you want out of life and the direction you wish to head in.

Everything came down to self-reflection and asking myself “what is getting more meaning than the value I give to myself?”


Here are things I ask myself to make sure my investments in (people, places, or things) are worth securing:  

  1. Emotional investments-
    What fills my heart with joy?
    Who can I call on for support?
    How can I better express myself?

  2. Mental investments-
    What am I feeding myself and does it align with the direction of my life?
    Am I honoring my intuition? (not allowing the thoughts/ feelings of others disempower me)
    Am I allowing myself to be inspired by changes?
    Am I choosing to be happy everyday?

  3. Physical investments-
    Am I taking care of my health in the process?
    Where am I exerting most of my energy?
    Are they beneficial growing pains or leaning towards toxicity?

So, as the year continues to unfold, make sure your investments cater to self above all.

It’s more than just securing the money bag: YOU ARE THE MONEY! - stack up your worth.

Say: “I am the MONEY and I stack up my worth!!!”

Are you making the right investments?! Share with us your favorite part of this article.

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Thierra.


Thierra Walker is a writer and artist based in Philadelphia, who centers her work around love, spirituality, and mental well-being for the transformative self. She is passionate about everyone finding their own form of happiness and achieving peace within self. Her ultimate goal through her writing is to “be the person she needed, and what she needed to hear”.


IG: @ThierraW