Talk To Me Nice

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Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I know you’ve heard of affirmations. And I know what you might be thinking,...’Affirmations. Smaffirmations...womp womp womp!’

But I’m here to tell you that the use of affirmations is more than just woo woo wishful thinking. Our thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies.

We all know her. You know the one. She’s all like,

‘I never win anything....All men are the same...I’ll never lose this weight. I’ma just be fat forever.’

Negative self talk might as well be a second language for her. Now you...uh, I mean, she’s mad because she’s disappointed yet again...

Well, listen. Affirmations are the most popular manifestation tool yet, most misused cheat code to life. Lucky for you, I’m here to teach you how to use them and make them work for you!

You’ve got to amplify your affirmations, babe! And here’s how...

1.Write them down 3 times a day.

Digi-notes are cool but I’m talking about pen to paper! You can do this in your journal. You can do this on a post-it note. Hell, you can do it on a napkin. Just do it!

2.Say them out loud every day.

You talk to yourself anyway. You might as well say something that’s going to change your life for the better.

3.Meditate on them.

Spend time with your affirmations. See yourself with what you desire. Allow yourself to feel what you’re going to feel when you realize the life of your dreams. Truly embody it.

4.Create a graphic with your affirmation(s).

I’m a visual kind of girl so this one is my favorite. I made the cutest lock screen and background for my phone with pics I swiped from Pinterest (+ my camera roll) and my affirmations. The PicsArt app is your friend here!

You can also use the SelfishBabe Screensavers found in the SELFISHBABE App too.

I dare you to do this consistently for 30 days and watch the magic happen for you. The power is in your beliefs and the inspired action that comes as a result.

Magic happens when you take inspired action! And you can quote me on that...

Are you ready to manifest your fucking dreams?! Sound off in the comments below!

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Charleeta.


Charleeta is a certified storyteller, mindset coach, creative multi-hyphenate and selfishness expert who is fully committed to shits, giggles, and self-care shenanigans. She speaks, authors best selling books, hosts a podcast, and plays five instruments. Charleeta is one woman wearing many hats on a mission to help you heal yourself and crush your limiting beliefs so you can do what you want because you’re poppin’!

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