4 Ways To Master Self-Discipline And Become An Even Badder Bitch!

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So, do you remember how much you hated being disciplined as a child?

Girl, I hated that sh*t. My mother always tried to persuade me that it was only done because she loved me and wanted to keep me from doing the wrong things.

Now that I am older, I can appreciate the discipline I received as a child because it helped mold me into the person I am today. I mean, I’d like to think I’m a responsible, respectful, and well-mannered individual because my mother kept me in check. But you know what sucks more than enduring discipline as a child?


It wasn’t until this year when I realized self-love is accompanied by self-discipline.

Self-discipline is how we keep our sh*t together.

It’s how we control our emotions, actions, and reactions.

With little to no self-control, how else do you stay grounded with the decisions you make that are supposed to better yourself during your self-love journey?

Self-discipline is your willingness to commit to the tasks that will push you to successfully complete your goals. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 (YASSSS 😍)

I became committed to loving myself unconditionally.

Loving myself came with making several changes. And I wasn’t able to make those changes and stick through them until I mastered self-discipline.

This year, the top three changes in my life that required the MOST self-discipline were becoming #teamnatural (I love me some relaxers), a vegetarian (I adore me some Chick-fil-a), and becoming abstinent (WHEW CHILE).

I knew I wouldn’t be successful in achieving these goals until I became serious and committed to the end result.

I’ll be honest: I have failed miserably at these exact goals in the past. I would gather enough willpower to say, “Okay, I'm going to do this,” and a week (sometimes a couple days later) I would be back at square one.

Looking back today, I realize that I didn’t actually prepare for those changes I thought I was ready to make.

I truly believe I am only mastering all of my goals this time around because I took the time to develop a deeper sense of meaning behind them.

My goals are extremely important to me because they allow me to become a better version of myself both inside and out.

I was ready for a change in my life and wouldn’t be attaining any type of goal without first mastering, self-discipline.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what your goals are; paying off that credit card, losing weight, starting a business, or finishing school, self-discipline is a MUST. Periodt!!

Here are four ways to help you successfully gain self- control and master self-discipline:

1.Be clear and specific when setting goals you want to accomplish.

W are your goals? Why are these goals important to you? What are the end results you desire? Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to reach these goals, even in the moments where you “don’t feel like it”, or some days become harder than others?

2.Create a plan of action.

Without a plan set in stone, how are you successfully going to achieve your goals? What steps do you need to take in order to successfully reach these goals? Set your priorities and stay consistent with your actions. Track your progress towards your goals daily or as often as possible. It also helps to have an accountability partner(s) to hold you to your commitment.

3.Know your weaknesses.

You cannot successfully master self-discipline if you don’t acknowledge your weaknesses and the effect they have on you. We are human, so we all have weaknesses, no matter how much of a bad bitch we believe we are. If you know your weaknesses, than it is easy to discover what temptation looks like. So, REMOVE THEM. Don’t place yourself in situations that may knock you off track and cause you to be tempted to slip up.  

4.Forgive yourself and bounce back.

Okay, there’s a chance that you might fuck up. But it’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up or soak in your slip up. Acknowledge what caused you to stumble and learn from it. You have to forgive yourself and get back to the scheduled program. The key is to keep moving forward.

Like Big Sean said, “If you a real one, then you know how to bounce back”. AYYEEEEE 👅👅

What are some goals you are reaching by exercising self-discipline? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Ambery.


Ambery was born in Baltimore, Maryland with a love of dancing, writing, and encouraging others. She finds joy in focusing on her self-love journey and desires to use her writing to motivate others along the way.

IG: aglowingpoet

Blog: https://medium.com/@amberybowman

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