How Watching Naruto Taught Me 3 Ways To Believe In Myself Again


Self-love is a continuous, trying journey.

In 2015 I moved out of my parent’s house for the first time, and into an apartment (in a whole different state I might add) all by myself like the independent bad-ass I thought I was at the time. I learned quickly how hard life can hit you. The rougher times got, the more down I began to feel.

Somewhere in this spiraling downfall I started to lose myself. I needed a distraction good enough for an introverted couch potato. So, I did one of the things I’m best at: binge watched  anime. I chose Naruto.

It filled me with laughter, thrill, and sometimes tears. Here are 3 major lessons I learned from Naruto, and how I applied them to my journey of believing in myself again:

1. Create a mantra – repeat it and believe in it

Naruto had a mantra he repeated to himself and everyone he came across; in the anime this is referred to as a “nindo”, meaning “ninja way”. When life (or in Naruto’s case- an enemy) is beating you down, a nindo can be a rule or saying you live by that you can repeat to yourself to motivate you to pull through.

My personal choice was starting the day looking in the mirror and repeating “You’re strong. You’re beautiful. You’re capable”. I loved starting my day like this because then each day began with self-love. Create a slogan, or find a quote to live by, and repeat it to yourself every morning. Make it a habit so that even when things aren’t so great, you can remind yourself that you’re amazing, and things can always get better.

2. Never give up.

A lot of the times Naruto’s nindo helped him push through a tough time. His ninja way was “I never go back on my word!”, and he stuck true to those words no matter what. It’s important to never give up on yourself, or the goals in mind. You cannot give up on yourself because at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got!

3. It’s okay to be alone!

Naruto grew up all alone. Spoiler: his parents died, and he had no siblings. He was the village knucklehead so he also didn’t have friends. Despite being a lone outcast from birth, Naruto made it through every day, and used the belief in himself to fuel his will power, conquer his enemies, attain his goals, and become a hero! The point is, even though at times we may be all we have just know that that’s okay! The number of friends someone has does not equate to the value of that individual. Your self love is worth a million friends! Healing takes time, and the most important person on that journey is you!




I encourage you to try something new, whether it be a new anime, or a different hobby. The road of self-love is continuous and can be fun – As Naruto says: “believe it"!

Have you watched anime before? Have you watched Naruto? What have you learned from watching?  If you haven't you should definitely add it to your watch list and see if you learn some things like Jessica did.

This article was written by #SelfishBabe Jessica

Jessica is a self-proclaimed nerd, and self-love enthusiast originally from Virginia Beach. She is passionate about writing, drawing, and the preservation of inner peace. She is an advocate of self expression through art, and believes that self-love is a continuous journey. 

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