3 Ways to Boss Up After a Breakup

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Repeat after me. “I am worthy of true love. I will stop searching for true love in others because it’s found within me.” 

The loss of a relationship takes a toll on your heart, your mind and your appearance. It can make you batshit crazy and cloud your judgement of yourself.

Honey, I know. I also know that your broken heart will heal, it surely fucken will. My relationship of nearly 2 decades ended last year and I felt that excruciating pain, but I gradually learned to let it go by reminding myself daily to LET THAT SHIT GO along with the pain, the attachment, and the idea of what I thought love was – none of this was serving any positive purpose in my life. I realized I needed to Boss the fuck up and love me.

Here’s 3 ways to help YOU Boss Up after a break up. Think of them as your mini affirmation guide to deal with not only a heartbreak from a breakup, but to get you through those annoying, difficult times in life when you start to question your self-worth. 

1. Take a good look at yourself. 

Hey gorgeous, yes you! You’re beautiful, a new life awaits you. Time to face the music, actually the mirror and take a good look at yourself, stare at yourself in the eyes and tell yourself “This is not the end. This is the beginning of something amazing – a BETTER VERSION OF ME IS EVOLVING.” “World, eat your fuckin’ heart out because this #selfishbabe is Bossin’ up and making herself a priority.”

2. CRY.

Let those motherfuckin’ tears roll. It helps to release bottled up emotions and it helps to clear your eyes to see your life with a different lens. It’s ok to cry, it’s a BOSS MOVE because you are dealing with your emotions, and not suppressing them. You’re allowing yourself to feel them and know this: everything you feel is normal. However, don’t dwell on the emotions for too long, feel them, cry it out, and BOSS UP. Get up, stand up tall and dab your tears with that golden BOSS embroidered silk handkerchief. Repeat as necessary. When you can think about this breakup without shedding a tear, you have BOSSED UP.

3. Practice selfcare and make yourself your number priority EVERYDAY.

Selfcare is that – taking care of yourself in ways that build your self-esteem, your confidence and your energy levels. Do and discover things that make you happy. Book a hair appointment or go get glammed up for no reason at all, other than to make yourself look and feel good. Wear those special occasion stilettos around the house, better yet make it a special occasion to just take yourself out once a week to dinner. Stay home and sleep in or go out and paint the town red – whatever makes you happy. 

Babes, you got this, you are going to Boss up after a breakup and you’re going to be thankful for it because you’re going to fall in love again … with you. Love your journey and make it extra selfish to get you to where you need to be mentally, spiritually, physically and even financially. 

This article was written by #SelfishBabe: Annie

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Mine was "Let those motherfuckin’ tears roll".

Annie Keophila is a loving mother to her 6 year old daughter and 2 year old twin boys. She's passionate about writing and is writing her first book on overcoming heartbreak and finding your peace.

Her purpose in life is to help others in some way and she's been able to do so through her writing and business/marketing expertise via her very own marketing services business, SmartHER Marketing. Her happiness is in herself, her kids and other people's success because their success is her success. 

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