Why Asking For Help Is Necessary Along Your Self-Love Journey


So you’re the type of friend in the group that checks on everyone. You make sure everyone is doing good because you care about everyone’s feelings. Your friends call you up to get advice from you. They love talking to you because you are a great listener and you don’t outwardly seem to judge them. 

In the midst of these conversations they never really seem to ask you, well how are you? Is there anything you are going through? Anything you need help with? At first you never really mind that you don’t get asked this because for majority of the time you really are okay. 

But.. those times do come when you are really going through it but you never run to your friends for help when things go wrong because that’s just not in your nature. You would prefer that they ask you if you need help with anything, so then you feel compelled to share.

Well guess what love? You are the considerate friend, and it’s not like your friends aren’t considerate but your level of being considerate is higher than theirs, so more then likely they are not going to ask you. So you are going to have to learn how to ask for help, so you can begin training others around you, that it is okay to ask if you need help. Your friends are not mind readers. 

Because you seem like the friend that has her shit together, they don’t see the need to ask you.Before I get into tips on how to get others to be more considerate of what you may be going through, I want to tell you why you need to learn to ask others for help.


As women we have other women around us for support. If you have a group of friends and you can not ask anyone for help, you need to get a new group of friends. What’s the point of having them around if they can not be there when you need them?


If you never learn to ask for help, I promise you that you will be placed in a position where you will be forced to ask for help, often this may be very unfavorable. The reason this happens is because the Universe wants you to grow into the phenomenal woman you were meant to be. In order to grow into her you must learn the lesson to ask for help. Instead of waiting for this lesson to come into your life, you can begin to ask for help today.


Now how do you do this? I have provided some tips below that will make this almost painless lol.

1.Train your friends to ask if you need help with anything? Even if just a listening ear.

You do this by calling up one of your closest friends and you have a real honest conversation with him or her. You explain how you would appreciate if they asked how you were really doing.That when they don’t that you could really be going through something but you don’t feel obligated to tell them because you were never asked. This let’s your friends feel more needed in your life, so let them know.

 2.You need help with something? Ask for it. Closed mouth’s don’t get fed.

In order to get the help desired you simply need to ask for it. Need someone to babysit? Ask. In a financial struggle and need a loan? Ask. Need someone to cook tonight? Ask your spouse to take over for the evening. Ask, ask, ask.Try practicing in the mirror with yourself first if it really is that difficult for you.

This is soo crucial to your self love journey because you are showing yourself that you matter too, not just everyone around you, but you.

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This article was written by: OlanikeeOsi

OlanikeeOsi is the Founder & CEO of both Goddess Detox Inc. and #SelfishBabe. She is an  author and self-love influencer.She likes to call herself a self-love manifestor, teaching women around the world manifest self-love in their everyday lives. She wants women to selfishly and authentically love themselves. You can add her on Instagram @OlanikeeOsi or connect with her at OlanikeeOsi.com

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