Honor Your Divine Timing: 2 Reminders You Need To Know

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The key to life is knowing that everything unfolds exactly at the right time.

The timing of the universe never delivers too late or too early. Everything that happens and that will happen, shall happen at the benefit of your highest good for your personal growth.

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However, as reassuring as that may sound, the world is constantly throwing life pressures our way. Whether that’s regarding our love life, career options, home and family, it creates difficulty in our ability to let things flow in their own order.

I know for me, the sense of urgency to get to the next place, the next lover, the next job, or the next experience only adds more tension to what I already place on myself.

A quick story…

I spent most of this past summer focusing on my inner work to connect with my art again. As an artist, urgency haunted me daily.

Spending my days deep in depression with little motivation to write while seeing other people thrive in their artistry was a shitty feeling; not because I wasn’t happy for my friends and the people I knew, but because I felt like I was falling behind on what I knew I excelled at.

I couldn’t seem to understand why things weren’t unfolding for me until I asked myself, “Why am I in a rush to accomplish anything?” That question alone made me realize that I was trying to move at the pace of someone else’s timing, and then judging myself when nothing was able to flow under the constraints of another.

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Everyone has their own timing.

To honor your divine timing, you must find your own pace and rhythm.

Pressure, tension, and urgency only come when we begin imposing deadlines on the Universe. The Universe already has everything worked out for us.

One thing that has helped me in honoring my own timing is doing what I do [with] time, instead of against it. Meaning that if I’m going to do something, I will do it without putting myself in a mental space of feeling rushed to complete it.

Rushing anything tampers with your personal clock of blessings, so I choose to do things important to me when I am at peace or I wait for another suitable moment.

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We are all already so full of life that nothing should be more urgent than our peace.

So the next time you feel like you are behind, or feel like you aren’t doing enough to get to that next phase of your life, remember that:

1. You are exactly where you need to be, learning exactly what is needed for your personal development.


2. Stop comparing your timeline to the timeline of other people who do not have the same purpose or calling as you.  

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This article was written by #SelfishBabe: Thierra

Thierra Walker is a writer and artist based in Philadelphia, who centers her work around love, spirituality, and mental well-being for the transformative self. She is passionate about everyone finding their own form of happiness and achieving peace within self. Her ultimate goal through her writing is to “be the person she needed saying what she needed to hear”.

Website: https://www.thierrawalker.com/

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