Cute & Humble Brag 101: Why & How To Do It

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Boss babe! You’ve been so focused on achieving your goals and that’s cool and all, but now it’s time to celebrate!

As women, we automatically do boss-ass shit on a daily basis. Every once in a while, it’s ok to brag on yourself. You’ve worked hard and deserve to bask in your success.

So cheers to a cute lil humble brag sis!

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For the most part, we all live our lives according to some type of checklist. Whether a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly checklist, we all navigate life based on what we need to accomplish.

Trust me, I’m one of those people too.

As soon as I wake up, after brief meditation and prayer, I’m already creating a list of things I need to accomplish throughout the day.

You know how it goes: have a productive day at work, meet a new client for lunch, reply to my personal emails, create new blog content, work on my business plan, attend that networking event, hit the gym, etc.

You see what I mean? In just one day, my list of goals is extensive. Now imagine checking off these goals as completed every single day? Your list of accomplishments is bound to be two times longer than the list of goals you initially created. Think about it…

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Have you been killing it at work? Did your boss finally give you that promotion? Clap Clap Bravo!

Just launched your first business? Yasss sis!

Did you learn a valuable lesson from a recent failure?

Knowledge is power baby! Signed on your first car, apartment, home, etc? Well done ma!

Do you suffer from depression but still get out of bed this morning? Celebrate that ish!

Whether it’s for overcoming a small obstacle on your path to success or finally throwing your auntie that retirement party you promised, you deserve to give yourself some recognition. Go you!

It’s may be a little uncomfortable at first, but what it boils down to is confidence.

It is 100% okay to be confident in your capabilities and accomplishments. Brag about it girl! You’ve built a dope ass resume and it’s totally fine to be recognized for it.

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Let’s pause for a sec. In no way am I advocating for arrogant or narcissistic behavior. There is a thin line between confidently, factually detailing your accomplishments and, well, being an ass.

As an emotionally intelligent adult, I fully expect you to know the difference. But just in case, remember it’s about humility over superiority.

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Your success isn’t to be used to make others feel inferior to you. Rather, it’s to serve as a reminder of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished thus far, to celebrate the effort and hard work you put in to get there, and to be grateful for each and every experience. Period.

Here are 3 key points you should know about the CUTE & HUMBLE BRAG:

1. No matter how big or small, we’ve all done something that we are proud of. It’s perfectly okay to want to celebrate it.

My tip: think of your accomplishments as a birthday. It’s not something you celebrate every day of the year, but when it comes around, baby we show up and show out for ourselves!

2. Understand that as much as you want to walk about declaring your “bad bitchism,” all your work and accomplishments mean nothing without humility.

Take a page from Beyonce’s book. Gracious and humble in the flesh, but when it comes her music? Honey, sis will oh-so-eagerly remind you why she’s Queen Bey.

3. Every day is not going to be glitter and rainbows.

Acknowledging how far you’ve come on your personal journey to success (however you define success) can be the self esteem and confidence booster needed during moments when you may question yourself or have self doubts and reservations.

So let me be the first to turn up with you! You deserve it, babe! Talk your shit and don’t be afraid to flex on ‘em real quick. Just be sure to make it quick and get back to the grind.

The world is waiting for more of your magic.

Do you plan on using the Cute & Humble Brag? Comment below your favorite part of this article!

This piece was written by SelfishBabe Ify.

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