Let Your Past Push You to Your Glory

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One thing I’ve learned (the hard way, unfortunately) is that embracing my past is what helps me love myself. I love reminiscing and remembering all of the wonderful things I’ve experienced, but with the good comes the bad, so I also remember a hefty amount of cringe-worthy things I’ve done & said. The beauty in those not-so-favorable moments is that they are the ones we truly learn from.

I’ve made a conscious decision to really pay attention to what I wish I would’ve done differently. To learn from these past experiences allowing them to make me a better person.

Here’s how you can do the same:

1. Laugh at yourself.

The best way to take the seriousness out of a situation is to make light of it.

I think back to some things that figuratively make me sick and at the end of it all, I laugh about it and say, “Damn, wtf was I thinking?” or “Yikes, Jewel. You good?” I also don’t take myself too seriously anymore. I respect and love myself but I’m not uptight about my faults or my mistakes.

Give it a try!

Laugh at them and then, learn from them.

It helps.


2. Break it down.

Accept the fact that sh*t happens and you can’t do anything to change the past.
(Consider analyzing it.)

Think about why it happened? What could you have done differently that would’ve lead to a more satisfying outcome? What lessons can you really take from these experiences?

When you’re going through something, it can be difficult to remove yourself from the situation looking at things from a more objective perspective, but it’s necessary for your spiritual, mental, & emotional growth.

3. Forgive yourself, girl!

Sometimes we block ourselves from success by not forgiving ourselves for things we may regret.

For a long time, I felt like I wasn’t worthy of happiness, blessings, and joy because of some of the really stupid things I did. I still cringe thinking about them, but I’ve forgiven myself and I remember that I’m not always going to make the wisest decisions. Things happen.

When you’re going down the list of people you need to forgive put yourself, first.


4. Realize that your setbacks can transform into strengths.

The very memories you hate thinking back on can turn into your greatest strengths and can increase your level of self-awareness.

I’m not a fan of memories that remind me of when I wouldn’t stand up for myself.

It reminds me of when I was timid, let anyone say & do what they wanted to me, and etc. But those same memories empower and push me to stand up for myself and for others.

It’s actually become one of my favorite character traits.

Things you’ve gone through will either make you or break you.

Girl, let your past push you to your glory. This you will never regret.

How will you use your past to make you stronger? Comment below your favorite part of this article!

This article was written by #SelfishBabe: Jewel

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