Be The Vibe You Desire For Your Life: The Cheat Code To Living Your Best Life

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Do you ever wish you there was a simple equation that could help you understand how to achieve the life you want?

Well, lucky for you, there is a solution to your agony:

Life I Want = (Thoughts that feel good) + [focus]

If you’re anything like me, focusing has never been the problem; it’s what I focus upon that’s the issue. I have always been a perfectionist, overthinking every little detail that could potentially go wrong. As a result, trying to control every outcome to achieve success was actually sabotaging my opportunity for success.

Let me explain what I mean:

The key to living your best life is by shifting your attention to thoughts that feel good. Seems basic enough, but how easy can basic be if you’re surrounded by conflict within your career, love life, or creative pursuits? How do you learn to shift your attention to thoughts that feel good all the time?

Rule #1: Start by caring about how you feel by any means necessary.

This was a rude awakening for me because I realized I did a lot of things out of habit, and those habits did not reflect the love I had for myself.

It’s easy to think negative about something that may not be working 100% in your favor, but choosing thoughts that feel good is a huge discipline of self-love; when you love yourself that much, you won’t allow yourself to engage in anything that does not mirror your worth.

As I learn more each day how to properly love myself, I know I am facing two options daily: 1. To focus on what’s not working or 2. To take my power back and choose to find a way to live my best life even under shitty circumstances. - this is where the work comes in.

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Nowadays, we have an immense amount of freedom to choose where our focus goes, that often, we struggle with filtering information from external sources like social media, television and the internet.

I had to really begin asking myself “Are the things I am feeding my mind and spirit really serving me?”

This is not to say that having access to a multitude of content is the issue, but the dilemma arrives when the discipline of mental focus and thoughts about ourselves are poorly executed.

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Learning to be more intentional with the thoughts we choose, daily choices we make, and the interactions in which we engage is imperative when improving the conditions that are coming into fruition.

It's important to remember that we are the creators of our own universe.

I know it sounds cliché and every spiritual book, guide, guru, video says that, but it's a crucial piece in learning how to make the emotional shift towards living our best life.

If we create our own realities by mindfully choosing our focus, then we must learn to look beyond what is, to make room for the creation of what will be. The biggest lesson I am learning is to not respond to conditions that do not serve me, but instead focusing to keep a steady vibration to change it.

Being the vibe you desire for your life is what makes the experience a vibe that you want. Every moment is a moment of opportunity to create a new reality forthcoming.

So repeat after me:

“In order to live my best fucking life, I choose me. I choose my happiness. I choose to think thoughts that feel good and I release anything that no longer serves me.”

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This article was written by #SelfishBabe: Thierra

Thierra Walker is a writer and artist based in Philadelphia, who centers her work around love, spirituality, and mental well-being for the transformative self. She is passionate about everyone finding their own form of happiness and achieving peace within self. Her ultimate goal through her writing is to “be the person she needed, and what she needed to hear”.


IG: @ThierraW

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