2 Core Beliefs To Have When Going Through Any Rough Time

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All throughout your life, you’re either going to be going through something, coming out of something, or getting ready to go into something.


It’s just a natural part of life and you have to believe that you WILL come out of these tests & trials stronger than you were when you entered into them.

When you encounter difficult situations & hard times, at some point in time, you’ve probably wondered, “WHY ME?!” Sometimes, simply having a few set beliefs through these rough patches can help you stay a little bit more sane. I have two beliefs below that have helped me through my rough patches and I am affirming they will help you through your rough patch.


1. Call it like you see it and treat it accordingly.

One of my aunts says this phrase: “When you know how someone is, treat them accordingly.” I translate that into everything in my life and say, “If I know I’m about to go through some heat, I recognize the game, and adjust myself accordingly.”

In 2015, I had one of the best experiences of my life and knew, beforehand, what it was before I even got in the thick of the situation. In July 2015, I left for basic military training for the United States Air Force. I was excited & nervous but went with the understanding that every word and tactic used to seemingly break me down was just a big head-game.

I constantly reminded myself that it was all a test and kept it pushing. Now, I’m grateful for that experience because it helped me realize how strong I actually am.

It was definitely trying, as your situations will be or are currently, but it was worth it just as yours is or will be.


2. Understand that not everything you go through is meant for just you.

You never know when you’ll come across someone that’s going through something you went through weeks, months, or years ago.

The wisdom and insight you gained from those trials will allow you to share some encouragement & positive reinforcement for those that might not be taking these challenges as well as you may have.

Growth is a selfish process in which you can use that time to separate yourself from others and personally develop yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and more. But there will come a time when that selfishness will be translated into a small mentoring session, drop of wisdom, and/or a short prayer. You might just be someone else’s guardian angel.

What I want you to realize is that you shouldn’t focus on being annoyed & upset about why you’re going through things. If you want to grow and approach storms with strength, you’ll need to understand that challenges are a part of life. The way you move through them is what determines whether you grow & pass the test or remain stagnant & fail. It’s ultimately up to you, ma’am. Choose wisely.


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