About Selfish Babe & The Founder

"#SelfishBabe was the name I came up with while on the toilet, taking a poop lol. I had a different name but I wasn't feeling it anymore and then was like wah-la #SelfishBabe was it. I wanted there to be an easily accessible platform for women to access self-love, spiritual and personal development content all in one place. I've had memberships to different programs but I wouldn't do them because I didn't want to login on my laptop. I asked myself : How can this be done on the phone, and #SelfishBabe was born. I am truly happy  seeing the growth and impact of this women's lifestyle personal development brand."


OlanikeeOsi is the Founder + CEO of both #SelfishBabe and Goddess Detox Inc. OlanikeeOsi has been actively on her spiritual walk now for 4 years. She likes to refer to herself as a self-love manifestor helping women around the world including herself on how to love themselves.

She is the author of the book :The Power of Looking at Your Yoni and podcast host for the #SelfishTalk Podcast. Olanikee is 26 years old, resides in Atlanta , GA, loves anime, enjoys listening to rock, dancehall, afrobeats, and seeing the world through travel. Add her on Instagram @OlanikeeOsi

"The message does not have to be long for it to be received."-OlanikeeOsi